Issues about access to medications

Dear Friends of Pituitary World News,

We need your help!  We have undertaken an initiative to understand and share the complicated issues related to access to medications so we can learn how to better help patients advocate for themselves and for a better healthcare system.

Your responses will remain totally confidential unless you provide us with your contact information.  Your contact information is NOT required to complete the survey.  If you have questions you may contact us by email at: info@pituitaryworldnews.com.

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Here's the question:  In thinking about your experiences with the current healthcare environment in the USA, how does access to medication and costs affect the way you manage your disease?  Are these medication and healthcare costs a burden for you?  What, in your opinion, must happen to improve/simplify the system in the US.  Please consider your personal experiences when thinking about these issues. Write as much as you’d like and add any information you think might help us understand better the issues you face.
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